Australia's only Living Master of Art, Gordon Hanley, has a new exhibition at Morpeth Gallery

Artist Gordon Hanley, as Australia’s only “Living Master” (ARCLM) of art, is internationally famous for his extraordinary metalpoint drawings in 24-carat gold on paper that can sell for mouth-watering sums.

But now he has taken this sense of “restrained opulence” a step further.

The Queensland artist has started using real gold leaf with his exquisitely detailed images of dragonflies in delicate watercolour – and these new works are on show at Morpeth Gallery this weekend.

Prints of these lovely images that, like the originals, are very 2018 as well – cobalt blues, ruby reds, real gold …. and the mystical attraction of the dragonfly.

“Gordon really is a Master of wow,” said Trevor Richards, owner of Morpeth Gallery.

“Every time we put one of these original dragonfly paintings on the wall, it just flies out the door.

“These new prints – obviously significantly cheaper than the original – will hopefully assist in not only meeting the demand but making the art affordable to all. Because of the hand-gilding each print is a unique work of art, so the buyer ends up with something very special – a rare combination of an original and a beautiful hand gilded art reproduction. 

“The paintings sell for many thousands of dollars, but the prints can be purchased, fully framed for only a few hundred dollars – a bargain considering the work-intensive nature and the amount of precious metals used in the creation of these amazing images”.

You can visit Morpeth Gallery this weekend, see the words and meet the artist. Admission is free.