Maitland police called after intoxicated man mistakes Rutherford home for his own

Maitland police received a call about 3am Sunday from a concerned Rutherford resident who said there was a man trying to get into their house. 

Police attended the house immediately and found a highly intoxicated male trying to unlock the front door. 

Police spoke to the man who said he thought he was at his own house. 

The 28-year-old man was detained by police and conveyed to Maitland Police Station where he remained until a responsible person could take him home.

$4000 camera stolen

A 26-year-old Metford man was charged on Friday over the theft of a camera valued at $4000.

Police will allege the man attended an electronics retailer earlier in the week and stole the camera from a display counter before leaving the store.

Police used forensic techniques and CCTV to identify the alleged offender. 

Drink driving in Metford

Police stopped a 46-year-old male driver on Metford Street, Metford at 11pm Saturday for a random breath test. 

The man failed the test, was arrested and conveyed to Maitland Police Station where a breath analysis revealed he was allegedly driving with more than twice the legal alcohol level in his blood.

He had his licence suspended immediately and was charged with mid-range drink driving.

It was also found the man had never held a driver’s licence.

In a separate road incident, another driver was also charged with mid-range drink driving last Wednesday after he was apprehended in Telarah.

Stolen golf clubs East Maitland

On Wednesday evening unknown offenders broke into a garage on View Street, East Maitland.

The offenders stole a set of golf clubs, consisting of Mizuno brand irons, a Ping brand putter and other various metal woods from the premises.

Police are investigating the matter and would like to hear from anyone who may have information about the incident.

Information should be reported to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Calls can be made anonymously.

Have you lost a mountain bike?

On Tuesday, May 8, a Specialized brand mountain bike was found by member of the public in Raworth.

The bike was handed in to police and is currently being kept at Maitland Police Station.

Officers are now trying to find the rightful owner of the bike.

The bike is of good quality and it is not thought to have been abandoned.

If you have lost a Specialized brand bike please drop in to Maitland Police Station or call 49340200 and quote the event number E66553360.

Of course, you will need to provide some kind of evidence of ownership to claim the bike.