Meet the man who has given away 130 computers

ON A MISSION:  Paul Clyne who likes to help the community.  	Picture by STUART SCOTT
ON A MISSION: Paul Clyne who likes to help the community. Picture by STUART SCOTT

Gillieston Heights man Paul Clyne has given away 130 computers and is on a mission to share the word about the joys of giving.

Mr Clyne works with computers and for eight years has been the administrator of, a gifting website.

The website originated in the United States 12 years ago, but has since made its way to Australia. It now has more than 950 members in Maitland alone.

The website also has groups across the Hunter Valley in Cessnock and Dungog.

Freecycle, which only allows items to be listed for free, is about helping the community, Mr Clyne said. 

“We don’t judge. It’s about giving to people who can’t afford it.”

The Maitland group works closely with women’s refuge, Carrie’s Place, to get free items to victims of domestic violence.

Mr Clyne gives away about one computer per week, thanks to the generosity of others.

He receives broken computers and parts and makes repairs them.

“Others donate the machines and often I’ll make one working one out of three broken computers that were going to the tip,” Mr Clyne said.

Mr Clyne said he would rather see the computers go to somebody who couldn’t afford one instead of making a quick dollar for himself.

“I work with computers and 

you don’t need the fastest machine 

to browse the internet and read 

email, which is what most people do,” he said.

 “Even if it saves grandma and grandpa $200 for a computer, 

they can enjoy a nice night out 

together instead.

“Freecycle isn’t about getting free stuff, it’s about giving stuff away and helping the community.” 

Mr Clyne has encouraged Maitland residents to join the website.

For more information on the Maitland chapter of Freecycle, visit