Leading social researcher Hugh Mackay "reimagines" Australia

Leading social researcher Hugh Mackay.
Leading social researcher Hugh Mackay.

Respected Australian social researcher Hugh Mackay is guest speaker at Maitland Library’s Look Who’s Talking program.

In a special dinner event at Mansfield House on Friday, Mackay will present what he describes as the most important findings of his career.

Mackay is the author of 16 books – 10 in the field of social psychology and ethics, and six novels.

Mackay revolutionised Australian social analysis 25 years ago with the publication of Reinventing Australia.

In his latest book, Australia Reimagined, he draws on his 50 years of experience listening to Australians talk about their lives and watching some big trends play out.

His book suggest why Australia’s unprecedented run of economic growth has failed to deliver a more stable and harmonious society. He takes an unflinching look at our society and offers some compelling proposals for a more compassionate and socially cohesive Australia.

“When it comes to our future, misplaced optimism is as dangerous as blind faith,” Mackay said. “What is needed is the courage to face the way things are and the wisdom and imagination to work out how to make things better.”

City Librarian Keryl Collard said Mackay has been a great supporter of the Linbrary’s Look Who’s Talking program over the years. “He is an intelligent and passionate speaker with an important message about what it means to live well and what it takes to make Australia a better place,” Ms Collard said.

Mackay’s research career has spanned six decades, including 25 years as research director of The Mackay Report, publishing quartertly reports on all aspects of Australian life.

Tickets for the dinner are $75 and can be purchased online at maitlandlibrary.com.au/events/