Woman allegedly tells police she was ‘Up to s---’ after being stopped on New England Highway, Telarah

A 64-year-old female motorist was stopped on the New England Highway, Telarah for a random breath test on Saturday morning. 

When police asked her how she was, she allegedly replied , “up to s---” as she had consumed two and half long necks of beer before driving.

A subsequent breath analysis at the Maitland Police Station allegedly confirmed the she a mid-range prescribed concentration of alcohol in her blood.

Her driver’s licence was suspended immediately and she will be attending Maitland Court.

Arrest for failing to leave a hotel

Early on Sunday morning two men, aged 23 and 26, were arrested and charged after they allegedly refused to leave a Maitland hotel when they were directed to.

It is alleged the men were requested by security staff to leave because of their level of intoxication and again refused to leave when police arrived. Police then used force.

The men will now be attending Maitland Court, charged with failing to leave a licensed premises and resisting arrest.