Maitland council approve expansion of Mount Vincent landfill amid concerns of filling

Landfill space at Maitland’s Mount Vincent waste facility would have been exhausted within 12 months, if an application to increase the size of the tip wasn’t approved by Maitland council. 

Councillors voted unanimously on Tuesday to green tick a proposal to increase the waste management centre’s capacity by 320,000 cubic metres. 

Its predicted that the expansion will allow an extra 412,800 tonnes of waste to be landfilled at the facility.

The original approval of the tip projected a landfill life of 36 years, up to 2029, with a total volume of 2.05 million cubic metres.

However, various factors such as an increase in the clay capping required on the landfill and boundary restrictions have seen the tips capacity shrink by almost a quarter, at a reduction of about 470,000 cubic metres.

The approved expansion will see the height of the tip increase by 4.8 metres to a total of 59.3m.