Streaker at Dungog cricket match between Stockmans and Karuah White

The lost phenomena of streaking at cricket matches made a comeback at the Vacy Sportsground on Saturday

Streakers celebrated their golden age in the 1970s and 1980s when naked men and women invaded cricket, rugby union, rugby league and Aussie rules grounds and even race courses.

But heavy fines, bans from attending matches and tighter security ended the phenomena which was much a part of the game as bushy moustaches, long hair and flamboyant characters.

Saturday’s streaker was greeted with a sigh from one young fan and an exclamation “Not another one!”.

“There’s streakers here all the time,” he explained as a bronzed young man, sans clothing, ran across the field during a break in the game between Stockmans and Karuah White.

It seems Vacy provided conditions for a perfect streaking storm.

A pub right next door to the sportsground and regular bus pub crawls and bucks turns stopping off at the picturesque village, 30km north of Maitland, have made temptation too hard to resist for some imbibers.

Police and the cricket association do not condone this type of behaviour. Charges of public indecency may apply.